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Ke Bendo

Ke Bendo dates from the sixties of the last century, when women started rebelling against the men in Guinea.
In those days it was normal that men had several wifes. During the dictatorship of Sékou Touré it was decided that the first wife had to give permission for a second or third marriage of the husband.
In the Ke Bendo song the women warn the men to marry a second woman.

The men: E ! Kè Bendo (hey, the men)
The women: Oh, Laila ! (now what ?)
The men: Muso fila ta lu (we merry two women)
The women: Wo ma nyin ! Wo ma nyin ! (that’s not good)

At the end of the song the men sing about one (=kelen) wife:

The men: E ! Kè Bendo
The women: Oh Laila !
The men: Muso kelen ta lu
The women: Wo ka nyin ! Wo ka nyin !
The women: N’nye mun de kèli I nyè ? N’nye mun de föli nyè ? (what shall we do for you ? what must we pay ?)
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